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W.H. Green Ranch
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WH Green Cattle Company

Albany, Texas

We have known and been doing business with Billy Green for over 20 years.  With bloodlines of NCHA money earners, Lemac Jan, Haidas Jan, Hichory's Lowenbrau, Cheno Pep and High Brown CD, the Green Ranch horses can take you through rough country or into the show pen.  They are really athletic, good-minded, extremely cowy, and have a little extra grit.  They are the 2002 AQHA Best Remuda Award Winner, and are a Ranching Heritage Breeder.  Tiffany's mare Little Miss Wicked Pep "Wicked", was raised on the Green Ranch, and has earned Championships in Stock Horse of Texas, Ranch Horse Association of America, American Ranch Horse Association, and American Stock Horse Association.  

(325) 762-5190

2002 AQHA Best Remuda Award Winner

W.H. Green Cattle Company History

Rocker b Ranch

Barnhart, Texas


We have been doing business with the Rocker b Ranch for about 15 years. We halterbreak the yearlings, start the 2-year olds, and occasionally help out with some cow work. An AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder, they stand three well-bred stallions whose bloodlines consist of High Brow Cat, Dual Rey, and Lizzys Gotta Player.  Their horses have a good disposition, are cowy and athletic, and are competitive in the show pen. The horses, including the stallions, are used in the daily operations on the ranch. We own two of their horses. 

Rocker b Ranch Facebook

Center Ranch

Centerville, Texas


We have been starting colts for the Center Ranch for the better part of 10 years. Woody Be Tuff  and his offspring have excelled in both the cutting and reined cow horse arenas, earning more than 3.5 million with Champions and Finalists in Futurities, Super Stakes, and Derbies. They have a great disposition, are easy to start, and are super athletic and cowy. They also make solid partners in taking care of the ranch’s livestock.

Center Ranch Facebook

Parker Ranch

Waimea, Hawaii


We have been to the Parker Ranch twice, so far, to halterbreak colts, and start and ride the two and three-year olds. This historic outfit raises thousands of cattle in rough, rocky country. They raise solid ranch horses with good dispositions, cow sense, and good bone and feet. They offer a select number of horses for sale during their Labor Day Rodeo. The Parker Ranch also produces premium raised grass fed beef, which is locally available in fine restaurants and select grocers.

Buck U Ranch

Adair, Oklahoma


We have been associated with the Buck U Ranch for over 20 years. The horses are gentle, cowy, athletic, and have had quite a bit of success in the show pen, including AQHA World Champions, Superiors, and Registers of Merit. Sheryl and Tiffany each own two Buck U Ranch horses.

Buck U Ranch Facebook

Twisselman Ranch

Santa Margarita, California


We have started the Twisselman colts for the last 4 years. They’re easy to start and get along with. Through the years, they have raised hundreds of top-quality roping horses, some of which have made it to the NFR. If you’re looking for a roping and/or barrel horse prospect, look no further.

Twisselman Ranch Facebook

John Willemsma Saddle Co.

Westcliffe, Colorado


John made me a saddle about 20 years ago, and I have ridden it many miles since then. There’s no telling how many horses and cattle I’ve roped out of it. In fact, just this spring, I’ve helped brand close to 10,000 calves, gathered out of almost 500,000 acres of rough country. It is still solid and has never hurt a horse’s back. Sheryl has been riding one of his saddles for almost 15 years. It fits a horse well, has a good seat, and is comfortable to ride. He has since become a TCAA Member, and is one of the most respected saddle makers in the country.

JohnWillemsma Saddle Co Facebook


Marilyn Cheatham Photography


Specializing in cowboy and western photography, Marilyn has an eye for the authentic shot.  She has photographed on many working ranches and several annual celebrations, such as the WRCA World Championship Rodeo and Texas Cowboy Reunion.  Marilyn often joins us at our home and travels, lending a helping hand and capturing those special moments on film.  Sincere, personable, and creative, Marilyn is one to look for to preserve your special moments through the camera lens.


Horse Feed

Sheryl and I haul our horses all across the U.S., doing clinics from CA to VT and FL.  There is no way to haul enough hay to feed 3-4 horses, so we buy hay locally at the clinics.  needless to say, the quality of hay is not consistent.  We've been feeding Renew Gold for several years now and could not be more pleased with the results. 


We ride a lot of young horses, and they don't get "hot" like a horse does on a grain based feed.  Our horses stay healthy, and their hair coat looks good summer and winter.

We think it is the best product we have ever fed to a horse.

Twisted Knot Halters

Rogers, Arkansas


Specializing in “hard to find” sizes, Twisted Knot Halters can build a custom rope halter that both you and your horse will love. Each halter is hand tied, with different styles, materials, and a wide array of colors available.  You can also have a halter made based on measurements in any size from Breyer horse size to Draft.  Kristy will help you design a custom style/color halter that looks and fits exactly the way you want.

Twisted Knot Halters Facebook

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