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Two of my favorite Horsemanship experts, although they are too humble to call themselves as such! I can't wait to see them!! Buster and Sheryl run a very personal, low-stress, hands-on clinic. They offer invaluable tips while sharing what they've learned in their many years of teaching. One tip particularly helped me to understand my horse in a way that I hadn't up to that point.


I am Excited!!!!!!


If you love to ride, love Ray Hunt's "natural horsemanship" teachings, the McLaurys are for you!

Gunpowder, Maryland


Dear Buster & Sheryl,

Thank you! Thank you both for coming to Barrington this past weekend. Once again, we had a great experience of learning. Fun through your teaching. I absolutely love the group riding exercises, your calm and relaxed teaching style all weekend. I especially enjoyed getting to know both of you at the dinner party. You are a beautiful couple, Sheryl & Buster it was a pleasure to be with you both. Thank you again for another wonderful learning experience in this horse journey for Cosmo and I.

God Bless you and keep you,

Barrington, IL


Sheryl & Buster,

You really brightened my life! Thank you. Its hard to express my gratitude for your wonderful hospitality. My mind is still reeling from all the fun adventures, food and fellowship - you can't put a price on that! I feel my horses are a lot better because both of you worked really hard to make me a better person. Thank you is not enough for all you have done for me.

Your Friend always,



Sheryl & Buster

Than you so much for the invite, the fellowship, the horsemanship, great food and entertainment with Chuck Millvec. And most of all for helping me improve my relationship with my bug-eyed, man-eating, wild horses.

Safe Travels & lots of love,

Sanna, Matt & Yellow!


Sheryl & Buster,

Thank you very much for hosting the cowboy horsemanship at your beautiful home. Thank you for including me in the event. Thank you for helping me to be a better rider so I can better help my horses. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me. Many people pass through our lives, but few stay in our hearts. You are in mine. Thank you for that.

Love Tammy & Frankie too!


Dear Buster and Sheryl,

I have just returned from a weekend clinic at your ranch and am proud to report that it was one of the best horseback experiences I have ever had! I learned an enormous amount about ranch roping and my skills have improved tremendously. Both my horses came away with excellent attitudes about cattle and roping. Buster, your experience and horsemanship is second to none and you are able to communicate it in a low-key and effective way that makes the learning experience enjoyable. Sheryl is a world-class cook and, in all my travels, I have never had so much amazing food. I hated to leave and look forward to returning with my other horses and improving my skills.

Thanks so much for your kind hospitality and a great learning experience!

Ken Kirkeby
Decatur, TX


Dear Buster and Sheryl,

Mike and I just wanted to thank you so much for your time this weekend... I'm so happy that Darby and I got to work with you both. I know she and I will continue to improve on our communication with the advice you provided us with. I hope we can show our progress to you sometime soon. We'll try to make you proud!


Happy Riding!

Mike and Heather

Jourdanton, Texas


Dear Buster and Sheryl,

I had the pleasure of attending your horsemanship clinic on April 25 & 26. I have been so motivated in all areas of life since the clinic. I felt obligated to again express my appreciation of the attention and motivation you both have given me.


Without realizing it, I have been in "neutral" with my career, home life, and horsemanship. I realize now I had become overwhelmed with forcing a busy, demanding career, family and life in general to work instead of using my skills, patience, and experience to work towards success. It is amazing how easy it is to forget your roots and goals by getting wrapped up in the chaos of it all. You two are an inspiration for success and happiness in more than just the horse world. My husband mentioned to me last night that I seemed more like my old self lately. (a good thing.)


Since the clinic, I have organized a schedule to allow plenty of quality time with my horses, and I am so pleased and amazed at our progress in such a short time. I'm starting to believe they are the smart ones training me ... and you are correct, THINK is the key to open doors! I now look forward to our time together instead of dreading the complications I anticipated. I am sure if they could write, they would be thanking you as well for educating me!


... hopefully will have the opportunity to attend more of your clinics in the future. You two have great ability and influence. We are all fortunate you have chosen to share your knowledge, experiences, and great stories.




Ft. Worth, Texas

Buster and Sheryl,

Eric and I have learned more than you can know from your clinics.  The amount of respect you both have for horses is something I have never witnessed before nor will I soon forget.  The love and the passion you have for being clinicians, it is so special and it shows with the work you do with your horses.  We have taken the knowledge you have given us and implemented it into our training and the results are amazing.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, your friendship and for your hospitality during the clinics.  We look forward to the Clinics each year and can't wait to see you all this year!

Thanks again!

Eric & Kristy

Rogers, Arkansas


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